Hannah began her fitness journey at just 15. She fell in love with bodybuilding right away, and knew that it was something she wanted to pursue as more than just a hobby. Three years into her fitness journey, at just 18, Hannah decided to enter her first bodybuilding competition. It was an amazing experience, giving her insight into a new level of discipline and commitment. Knowing what an amazing outlet it was for her, she was certain sharing it with others would be equally as beneficial. She knew she wanted to help others achieve their goals, while teaching them to love their journey. Hannah wanted to show people what it could look like to fall in love with the process of dedication, determination, and discipline just the way she had.

Through Action Personal Training, she acquired both her Personal Training & Nutrition Certifications. Understanding what it takes to be a great coach, Hannah educated herself in every aspect of fitness, to better serve her clients. At 19, Hannah took on her first set of clients, and became a personal trainer. Now at 21 years old, Hannah is utilizing her background to help others reach their goals and become the best version of themselves mentally and physically!


Growing up, Malory struggled with both her mental, and physical health. Malory feels she let her Insecurities rule her.

When she was 22, she decided to take control of her life. She found her true self, through fitness. She actually loved it so much, that she decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Malory received her certifications through ACE, at just 24 years old.

Malory is now 28; a new Mom; and stronger than she has ever been! Both mentally, and physically, she is thriving!

Malory’s goal is to help others achieve more than they ever thought was possible. Whether you are pregnant, struggling with postpartum weight, overweight and trying, seeking to be faster/stronger, or just want to stay in shape – she wants to help you!


Jaclyn - Ab's Workout Plans Trainer

Like many adults, Jackie found herself overweight and having health issues but was only in her mid-thirties – and said enough is enough! After trying all the fad diets and crazy exercises, she worked with trainers and nutrition coaches to find out what combinations that her body would respond to achieve weight loss. Jackie fell in love with the process of change because committing to change allowed her body and mentality to change for the better. She took this fascination to a level completely out of character that resulted in competing in figure bodybuilding. Jackie won her IPE Pro Master Card in just two short years at the age of 41.

During the lockdowns, Jackie took her fascination to another level by obtaining her personal training certificate from NASM and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. She started online coaching to help others achieve their goals utilizing effective fitness with appropriate nutrition for optimum results. She specializes in mature adult fitness techniques as well as corrective fitness and stretching through online coaching while still working a full-time medical sales career and being a wife to Mr. Dennison. If you are looking for help in balancing your lifestyle and improving mentality while getting healthier, Jackie is ready to help!